The unique, innovative and patented Ecophos process delivers an economic and ecological method for valorising both low and high grade phosphate sources as well as urban wastes. It allows the production of phosphate products in all market segments with less pressure on our environment and more profit.


The main intermediate of the Ecophos process is Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate (DCP) : a pure and concentrated form of phosphate, we call it “super rock”, allowing to produce high quality low cadmium fertilizers and high biodigestibility feed products . DCP can be converted into phosphoric acid directly suitable for production of water soluble fertilizers without solvent extraction.


Ecophos technology reduces production and energy costs by up to 30% on the complete phosphate production chain. It doesn’t require beneficiation, increasing resources while reducing rejects and water consumption. Hydrochloric acid from potassium sulfate furnaces or chlor-alkali industry is a perfect input for the Ecophos process. if not available, HCl can be regenerated by using sulfuric acid, yielding a gypsum so pure that it is suitable for construction.



Technophos, located in Varna (Bulgaria), is a new project of the Ecophos group to create a worldwide excellence center in phosphate technologies. Technophos Semi Industrial Plant demonstrates, validates and further develops at semi-industrial scale, Ecophos revolutionary technology in the production of Phosphates, using low grade phosphate rock in an ecological and economical way.


Technology Services

Our technology team based in Louvain-la-Neuve is doing research and development in the field of phosphate processes. They provide solutions for the production of purer phospshate with low grade rock and/ or HCL by-product. Mohamed Takhim, Ecophos® CEO and Chief Technology Officer developed until now 10 world-wide patents together with a skilled laboratory team, process technology engineers and proprietary equipment developers and continue to develop the processes.

Technology Services