Project Manager

Purpose of the function

Support Ecophos’ growing “Phosphate-Process-Technology” business by coordinating the preparation and execution of investment plans, including contract management, for the supply of engineering, equipment and field services. Be a central point of contact for the suppliers and customer and within the organization.

Tasks and Duties

Project & Contract Management:

  • Coordinate the execution, planning, communication, deliverables, commitments, liabilities and financials of contract agreements between Aliphos and all the suppliers (both internal and external) and subcontractors involved in the project.
  • Coordinate for each contract the project tasks and teams, according to the planning and priorities: process, engineering, procurement & logistics, field services (including commissioning, startup and operator training).
  • Prepare, manage and frequently report on the project planning/schedule.
  • Anticipate, identify and deal with all issues by providing and implementing appropriate solutions
  • Summarize, follow, manage and frequently report on the project/contract forecasted costs (actual, committed and expected) versus budgetted costs; forecast cash out in time; liaison with Finance department.
  • Ensure the quality and report on the status of all contract deliverables according contract specifications.
  • Provide support to PPM of Aliphos with drafting & reviewing new contracts for new projects, including preparation of project budgets.
  • Permits and authorizations follow-up, according to schedule and mitigate potential impact on the deadlines


Communication & Team coordination:

  • Manage all the communication with the project stakeholders, within Ecophos/Aliphos Group
  • Install and lead regular project meetings.
  • Participate in negotiation meetings with vendors and clients.



  • Report regularly on project/contract status, both in detail and with executive summary.
  • Report to PM Coordinator


Education: Master degree



  • +10 years of professional working experience
  • +5 years of experience in project management and execution of business contracts for industrial plants or parts of, including engineering
  • Technical background in (petro-)chemical plant construction, project management and related fields
  • Experience with managing project budgets of > 1 million Euro
  • Experience with procurement of high value service and equipment contracts


Skills & Personality:

  • Client oriented
  • Excellent communication skills; constructive personality
  • Excellent Team Leader
  • Able to perform under stress
  • Analytical, able to see the big picture
  • Planning and organization skills
  • Precise & strictly organized
  • Strong human values, favor good team atmosphere
  • Business minded



  •             English :           fluent (speaking, reading, writing)
  •             French:             fluent (speaking, reading, writing)


  • Adequate knowledge of MS-office
  • Must be able to interpret and apply Legislation, Codes & Guidelines
  • Knowledge of Contract Management (deliverables, finance, guarantees…)
  • Willing to travel (20%)

Key Contacts


  • Project team (process, engineering, procurement, construction/commissioning, finance)


  • Clients
  • Intergroup company representatives
  • Suppliers / Vendors

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