We supply high-value engineering services to the most diverse industries

  • Design

    Feasibility studies, concept design, basic design.

  • Project management

    Project management, estimation & cost control, planning.

  • Engineering

    Detail engineering & design, as-built documentation, composing manuals.

  • Procurement

    Bid tabulation (Technical / Commercial) vendor pre-qualification, purchasing, expediting, inspection.

  • Construction

    Construction supervision, tests, pre-commissioning, start-up assistance.

Field of operations

  • Phosphate fertilizer Industry
  • Chemical & Petrochemical industry Atex -SIL Classification- PED
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Synthetic Materials Processing Industry
  • Energy Distribution
  • Automotive Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering & Construction
  • Realisation is done by professional engineers & designers.
  • A dedicated team with good experience in the phosphate industry
  • Realisation of medium sized projects : Mono- en multidisciplinary projects.
  • Execution at home base in Lummen and task force possibility on customer site
  • A dedicated team with good experience in the phosphate industry.