Ecophos Group


A world leading business solution provider of technological solutions for the major challenges of the phosphate industry by developing and industrializing processes for :

  • All grades of phosphates rock without restrictions
  • Reduction of the production costs
  • Improvement of the product quality: purity
  • Environmental care

An active industrial producer of phosphate products for the three main market segments with own production facilities.

Mohamed Takhim

Founder and CEO of Ecophos

Business model

Creating value through 2 business models

  • BM1 - Technology and engineering services
  • BM2 - Production and sales of Aliphos products, produced in our own plants

The ecophos way

Low grade, high grade no more differences

Ecophos technology reduces production and energy costs by up to 30% on the complete phosphate production chain. It does not require beneficiation, increasing resources while reducing rejects and water consumption.

40% lower investment cost compared to conventional process
  • No rock beneficiation
  • Short residence time
  • High process yield (up to 99%)
  • Reasonable temperature, atmospheric pressure hence simple material of construction (PP, CS rubber lined…)
  • Safe process : No solvent
Up to 50% lower variable cost
  • Access to unlimited reserves of low-grade rock in numerous locations with control thanks to the long term fixed prices
  • Synergy HCl producers : reduction of acid cost
  • Valorisation of by-products : pure CaCl2and high quality gypsum
Limited fixed cost
  • State of art plant automation

Company history


Creation of the company EcoPhos by Mohamed Takhim


Acquisition of Decaphos (50% JV with Agropolychim)


Increase of holding in Decaphos to 100% in order to build a demo plant in Bulgaria.


Decaphos focuses on production Decapilot on Demo


Acquisition of Aliphos from Tessenderlo Chemie

Decaphos integrated into Aliphos


Opening of Technophos, the Technology & Excellence Center


Commissioning of a 3rd Aliphos plant in Dunkerque


Commissioning of a 4th Aliphos plant in India (JV EGIL)


Commissioning of a 5th Aliphos plant in Egypt (JV EverPhos)


We want to encourage a company culture that allows flexibility and high responsiveness to support the growth and the development of the group. Our 5 corporate values are the DNA of the Company and by sharing them we allow all the competencies across the group to be mobilized to support our goals.

Passion for innovation

Passion for Innovation is the DNA of Ecophos. This is how everything started. Energy, dedication and perseverance to innovate combined with the strong willingness to add value and achieve our targets. Continuous improvement of our technology and our processes for the benefits of all stakeholders (internal and external) and our environment, are key for the future of Ecophos.

Team spirit

We are ONE company, with an international presence, diverse functions and business units.

We share the same culture and the same values, we want all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers) to feel good within a cooperative, fair, helpful and caring environment. We want to build openness, trust and cooperation within a non-blaming culture. We expect our team supervisors to create the right environment.

Respect for life

We are committed to ground the growth of our company on sustainable solutions, with respect for Life, using and developing state of the art design, best practices and standards in our projects and operations, with a strong focus on EH&S.

We use common sense to take balanced decisions

Worldwide entrepreneurship

WWE is our way to do business.

We are committed to company results beyond the scope of our own job by showing interest in our environment, proposing initiatives, understanding consequences of our actions for all stakeholders and going the extra mile to find solutions. Profit and financial success are important to realize our long-term vision. As a global player, we promote a multicultural environment where diversity and respect for other cultures are a must.

Respect / Transparency / Honesty

We expect transparent and open communication, clear commitments and respect for diversity, as a base of our business ethics, in order to achieve trusting relationships and confidence between employees, customers and suppliers.