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located in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) is the headquarters and the principal research and development centre of Ecophos.

TEMCO (hyperlink to Temco),

located in Lummen (Belgium) is an engineering company acquired by Ecophos in 2012. Temco offers all the engineering work and documentation for the EcoPhos projects. In parallel, Temco continues to deliver services to other customers.


located in Varna (Bulgaria), is a new project of the EcoPhos group to create a worldwide excellence centre in phosphate technologies. TechnoPhos serves as a research and development centre a with industrial scale demonstration plant to validate EcoPhos’ processes for its customers, using its specific raw materials.


the European leader in animal feed phosphates & feed ingredients products owns two production plants: AliPhos Rotterdam, a production plant located in Vlaardingen, port of Rotterdam.. The capacity of this production site is 200 kt/y of the following products: DCP, MCP, MAP, GP,MDCP...


located in Varna (Bulgaria), is EcoPhos’ second production plant. DecaPhos is dedicated to the production of animal feed phosphate (Dicalcium Phosphate and Mono-Calcium Phosphate). With a capacity of 100 kt/y, DecaPhos is the leading producer of animal feed phosphates in the Balkan region.